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Video Game Tester Programs – Why They Are Great Programs for Some But Not for Others

At the point when I initially saw the front of the game close by a short depiction and photos of the parts, I was immediately enchanted to play it. The title had all the earmarks of being engaging also, as Cuba is extraordinarily far away from my country (I live in Greece) and that essentially adds to the bright and secret environment for which the country is currently celebrated. We ought to go through a few central information about continuous communication:

In Santiago de Cuba you are a delegate in the city of Santiago, the second greatest city of Cuba. You need to make gain by making oversees neighborhood individuals and visiting (or regardless, buying) constructions to collect product and weight them to the boats appearing in the city’s port. Available items are: sugar stick (white) citrus regular item (orange), tobacco (green), rum (red), stogies (dull) and wood. On the game board there are 12 design tiles, which are for the most part adjusted while setting up the game and thereafter put on the reasonable boxes in the edges of the city. There are in like manner 9 Cubans who will deal with you and are also revamped and conveyed for arbitrary reasons on the 9 boxes in the point of convergence of the game board. A street runs before the Cubans all around. A vehicle, used by all players, will go through this street and its 10 stops (stars), one for all of the Cubans and a stop at the port (yellow star).

There are 7 ships that will show up at the city’s por t xe88 reliably and for each one, the sort and measure of items it recognizes to in any case hanging out there by moving 5 concealed dice and picking 4 of them to put on the boat. The shade of the dice exhibits the kind of good and the number, the sum required. There is a value marker on the board before the boat, exhibiting how much victory centers you get for each incredible passed on to the boat (2,3 or 4 victory centers). This marker is at first set to 2 and for each time the vehicle passes from the port (yellow star) perpetually there the marker is moved one pennant aside. In any case expecting that the marker moves from the value 4 to the checkered flag, the boat leaves instantly whether or not it’s not full. Whenever a boat has everything stacked, it leaves the port and one more appears.

Close to the beginning of the game, constructions and Cubans tiles are reworked and placed on the board, each player picks an overshadowing and the fundamental player is picked. Each player is overseen 3 coins (pesos), 2 victory centers and one sugar stick, one citrus food sources developed from the beginning. For the most part product and money are hidden behind remarkable player screens. The vehicle is put at the port and the essential boat appears. The player aside of the essential player moves the five dice to conclude the boats cargo. Each cycle a player ought to use the vehicle to go to an area moving clockwise by moving as an enormous number “star” spaces they like. Simply the underlying advance to another spot is free. For each space past the primary, the player ought to pay 1 peso. By stopping before a Cuban, you regularly get product, money or win centers. Then, at that point, you rapidly visit one of the constructions of the concealing displayed by the sprout image on the Cuban’s tile. In structures, players do explicit exercises that help them with advancing in the game like exchange different kinds of product, get win centers or burden items to the boat. By ending on the yellow star (last stop tuned in, port) players trigger a movement round, during which all that players can pass items on to the boat. Players get win centers (the particular number is shown by the value marker referred to previously) for stacking the boat. Wood can commonly be stacked to the boat instead of any another incredible yet players get only a solitary victory point for each wood stacked. The game terminations when every one of the 7 boats leave the port. By then any abundance stock are changed over to win centers (1 vp for every 3 items) and win centers are counted. The player with the most victory centers, is the victor.

First impressions

In the wake of opening the compartment, I was captivated with the superb masterpiece of the game board and tiles. Course of action was very straightforward, following the richly made rulebook. Tiles revised and put, colors picked and here we go. The game streams smooth and turns are rapid as there are only 2 exercises that ought to be made each round and choices are exceptionally straight forward. Regularly you would prefer not to push many spaces ahead with the vehicle as this will cost tremendous measure of money and thereafter there is the choice of the design to visit that will depend upon the specific necessities of the player or may be a fundamental choice as well. A charming perspective is that players’ product and currencies are hidden behind screens, so one ought to be prepared and endeavor to remember what items various players have collected. That is a significant piece of the game’s strategy. The game has phenomenal dousing in light of eminent craftsmanship and game mechanics. Everything feels such a great deal of like Cuba! It also has a great deal of replayability due to the revising of tiles at game plan.

I haven’t played Cuba which seems to share a ton for all aims and reason with Santiago de Cuba (the engineer and the expert of Santiago have moreover worked on Cuba) so I couldn’t investigate the two games, but following playing a few rounds of Santiago, I have a sensible impression of the game which I’m ready to confer to you! We ought to go through our standard rating classes:


Game parts are incredibly extraordinary and of good quality. The game board looks like a masterpiece, depicting the city and the port carefully. The construction and Cuban tiles are of practically identical quality as per an arrangement viewpoint and made of thick cardboard, as are win point tokens, pesos (coins) and property markers. Playing pieces and items are made of wood which feels extraordinarily respectable. With everything considered, the game parts are through and through that one could expect and, shockingly, more. 9/10


The center of each round clearly. Intuitiveness is fast and there is adequate space for key thinking and planning. In the wake of picking which Cuban to meet, you ought to make a few thoughts, for instance, the game plan you will make with them, the constructions that are available to visit in this manner and what stop the accompanying player could pick. You also need to consider which may be the most valuable constructions to seize with Alonso (the lawyer) which is moreover an entrancing piece of the game. Your memory capacities will be put on a test with Santiago in light of the fact that to do well in this game, you ought to remember what items your foes have collected. That will be a fundamental variable to pick assuming you want to stop at the port or not and a mistake could cost you several victory centers. Just a considered the construction tiles: I figure it would be charming to have a design tile, working in an opposite way from the Customs Office, that will have the choice to turn a dice on the boat to anything number you really want (except for 0). The game gives off an impression of being incredibly changed in its mechanics and there is apparently no unmistakable procedure that would persistently provoke win. Adjusting of the tiles at game plan guarantees that each game will be something completely different. 8/10

Assumption to learn and adjust:

The rulebook is exquisitely formed and only 8 pages long, close by specific portrayals and models. Right after examining the rules and playing the game once you will have an actually pleasant attitude toward it and maybe at definitely no point need to guide the rulebook later on. 8/10


The subject of being in Cuba and go probably as a vendor is particularly maintained by superb compelling artwork as well as valid mechanics. The usage of the vehicle is a very sly idea that adds to the subject too, making things feel even more real. The constructions have been a lot of thought, by interfacing the designs’ usage with a reasonable name. For example, it feels very standard and in-subject to go to the “Bank” attempting to get 2 pesos or go to the “Stogie creation line” to trade tobacco for stogies. That is an unprecedented arrangement part that overhauls the energy of the point inside the game. 9/10


Essentially an emphasis here of what was referred to previously. Due to reworking of the Constructions and Cubans tiles during plan, it is guaranteed that no two games will be something almost identical. The general procedure of the game at any rate will stay an exceptional same, as specific designs, for instance, the Paper distributer or the Working environment and a couple of Cubans like Alonso will persistently remain most cherished complaints. I don’t really accept that that is a short nonetheless, it has all the earmarks of being entirely reasonable. Everything considered I figure I will not at any point be depleted to play this game. 8/10


I lived it up playing Santiago notwithstanding the way that there isn’t any joint effort at all between players beside while visiting El Zorro (each player ought to give you 1 victory point, 1 incredible or 1 peso). It will be fun at centers, while assessing about each others resources and probably enough crying will be accessible when someone visits the Paper distributer to make Alonso inactive. Short continuous communication (~40 minutes) won’t tire players and makes the game successfully be used as a filler between longer games. An unprecedented game for the whole family also! 8/10