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The Fawn Family

It’s damn destiny, he and I met in San DR diamond engagement ring Diego, where we took college and met. We all came far away,

I am from China, and he is Italian. Neither of us left our country before. He said it was first sight love, and he asked me out the very first day we met.


We became best friends, finding that we got so many things in common. We are all Catholics; we like the same musicians.

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There were always topics, and we talked about everything. In that strange country, he was my greatest support and backing. We fell in love, naturally. But I wasn’t so sure about our relationship, after all, our culture and family are so different, and we don’t know what will happen in the future. But he said: God gave us a gift, it’s your choice whether you’re gonna open it or not, it is always easy to escape, but difficult to face it.

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After 4 years of being together, we believed in each other and looked forward to the future. When he bought solitaire cushion cut engagement ring Darry Ring and proposed, he said he loved me like what  DR said, love one till the end. He has such a determination, and so do I.