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Comic Books History – Part III

In this final problem of comic books history we start with the year 1933.

In 1933, “Detective Dan, Secret Op. 48” become the first comic, offered on the newsstands, with original material in it. It turned into written via Norman Marsh and published by using Humor Publishers Corp. It had a 3 color cardboard cover and become done in black and white. It was 36 pages long, offered for 10 cents and turned into 10 via 13. The man or woman turned into without a doubt a Dick Tracy clone and nowadays likely would have been sued for plagiarism. The comic didn’t last very long.

In the 1930’s loose comics have become famous broadly speaking due to the melancholy. Nobody may want to manage to pay for to buy comics. Thousands of comics had been given away for the sole cause of advertising and marketing the products in them and to keep the presses running which would have been very costly to shut down and start again up once more. Some of the maximum well known giveaways have been Buck Rogers and Little Orphan Annie.

In 1933 a gentleman by using the name of Harry Wildenberg came up with the idea of marketing the Gulf Oil Company via comic books and as a consequence “Gulf Comic Weekly” turned into created on April thirtieth 1933. The complete comic changed into handiest four pages lengthy and became 10 1/2 via 15. The comedian became given away at Gulf fuel stations. This comic series lasted till May 23, 1941.

Wildenberg also got here up with an  doujin idea to do a full sized comedian book which became known as “Funnies On Parade” and came out inside the spring of 1933. It become the first comic to apply the same old eight by using 11 layout that we use today. This comic was the begin of the Eastern Color Group.

“Famous Funnies” became the second ebook performed by ECG. It turned into printed in 1933, turned into 64 pages lengthy and cost 10 cents. It became the first comic to be sold most effective via department shops.

In 1934 ECG and Dell Publishing fashioned a partnership and another issue of “Famous Funnies” became printed. It turned into sixty four pages long and nevertheless sold for 10 cents. The comic lost lots of money and changes had been made after, to lessen publishing costs including publishing simply once a month rather than weekly.

It wasn’t until 1936 that comic books honestly started to take off with the merging of The Chicago Tribune and Max Gaines. They created “Popular Comics” which included famous characters along with Dick Tracy, Terry & the Pirates, Gasoline Alley, Skippy, Mutt and Jeff, Tailspin Tommy, Little Orphan Annie and many more. “Popular Comics” lasted one hundred forty five troubles and resulted in 1948. This comic is what put Dell at the map and to at the moment they’re one of the most important comic e book publishers.

In 1936 any other primary player came alongside by using the name of King Features. They created “King Comics” which featured a few memorable characters along with Flash Gordon, Popeye, Mandrake the Magician, The Lone Ranger, The Phantom, Prince Valiant, Blondie and Little Lulu. “King Comics” lasted 159 problems till 1952.